8 High Performance Fountains and High Intensity LED Illumination Packaged Together
into a Single Streamlined Robust Unit 
Saving You Thousands of Dollars While Producing Powerful & Elegant Water Patterns

Choose a Fountain Size
Factors to Consider: Pond Size, Power Supply & Budget
You get all these Spray Patterns with 1 Fountain Purchase !!!

The Palmetto

Palmetto 2.jpg

The Kiawah

The Kiawah.jpg

The Seabrook

Charleston egret.png

The Crescent

Cresent 1.jpg

The Edisto

The Edisto 1.jpg

The Wappoo

The Wappoo 2.jpg

Hunley Spar

Hunley Spar.png

The Bohicket

The Bohicket 1.jpg

The Vanguard Vortex Arrester

So that we could certify our method of measuring the size of our lakefountains, and NOT use horsepower as the measurement tool, we made it our policy to adopt a 4-Factor Measuring Standard.

We adhere the entire Hydro-Torque brand to this standard!


At VWC, our Hydro-Torque is measured by the 4-Factor Quality Standard:

A) Performance & Efficiency Balance

B) Water Pattern Dimensions (Overall Size)

C) Volume of Water Flow 

D) Water-Torque by Foot-Pounds of Internal Mechanical Torque

We don't measure measure by horsepower. We measure by Foot-Pounds of Hydro-Torque

++ We do cross-reference our fountains over to HP for your convenience. Please use this cross-reference to compare our specifications to our competitors.  Its hard to beat a Hydro-Torque!


Here is a video of how the Vortex Arrestor works inside every Hydro-Torque...

Why is Vanguard Water Creations' Hydro-Torque is the Smart Choice?

You wont be paying extra for any of these!

Only VWC can pass the Checklist Challenge!

Lights are NOT an extra cost!

15 year life expectancy

8 Different Fountain Spray Pattern Nozzles

Strongest Warranty in the Industry

5-Year No Nonsense Warranty

The Revolutionary Vortex Arrestor 

(High Performance - Eco-friendly low power usage)


Precision Single Stage & Dual Stage

Impeller Pump System

Stainless Steel - High Tensile Strength Polymer components -

Virtually Indestructible

Power Control Center

Intermatic Timer

High Efficient, Triple-life, Stainless Steel

Non-Corrosive Motor

14 Gauge Aluminum Dual-Stage Filtration Cylinders

Clog Prevention

8 Fountains & high efficiency Aeration

with each unit

100 ft. of Power Cord

and mooring ropes 

Multi-layered UV Stabilized Float

FlexCore Technology

Your "Hydro-Torque Series Lake Fountain will be delivered directly to your door Fully Assembled!

Lights are Not an Addional Cost

5 Year Warranty LED Illumination comes Standard!