The Hunley Spar

Just before 9 PM, February 17th 1864, the Housatonic was rammed with a Spar Torpedo attached to the bow of the Hunley Submarine.

The Housatonic became the First ship to ever be attacked and sunk by a submarine.

The crew of the Housatonic saw the Hunley Submarine in the water 100 yards off, approaching the ship "It had the appearance of a plank moving in the water"

Although the chain was slipped, the engine backed, and all hands were called to quarters, it was too late.

Within two minutes of the first sighting, the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley rammed her Spar Torpedo into Housatonic's starboard side, forward of the mizzenmast, in history's first successful submarine attack on a warship.

Fountain CAD Diagram