Illuminating Faucet & Shower Nozzles

Vanguard Water Creations believes in combining beauty and safety with Eco-friendly products.  Our Illuminating Faucet & Showers Nozzles are a must have for every household. 

Performance Benefits:


Transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. 

<89° F  (Water Color is Blue)

90° F -  106° F  (Water Color is Green)

107° F - 113° F  (Water Color is Red)

When the water temperature is above 114 degrees, the water will flash red to warn of hazardous temperature. 

Battery-Free Stylish Water Powered Kitchen Colorful LED Faucet Light

Eco-Friendly - Water Powered and turns off automatically with the water

Offering your family a warm and delightful experience.


Ideal for bathroom or kitchen

Fits most standard faucets and showers

Easy Installation - Just thread nozzles  on by hand