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Need Pond or Lake Aeration?
Vanguard Water Creations has two aerators to choose from, our Typhoon Display Aerator and Boilermaker Surface Aerator.
Choose one for only $1299

Dare to Compare

Watch our Typhoon Display Aerator / Deicer head to head against an inferior competitor product

Competitive Display Aerators Simply Don't Stand up!

The Typhoon has a simple yet beautiful pattern that aerates all year long!

If you live in colder climates, these workhorses double as deicers allowing water fowl access to the pond water all year round. Our products are nature approved 🌞 🦢 

Only $1299

Strongest Warranty in the Industry

3-Year No Nonsense Warranty

Our Boilermaker is a surface aerator that doesn't put on a display pattern like the Typhoon. It's an aerating machine that's also a great option for deicing under docks and boat lifts. Get your Boilermaker Surface Aerator today!


Strongest Warranty in the Industry

3-Year No Nonsense Warranty

Only $1299

Vanguard Water Creations Aerators Feature:

  • 3 - Year No-Nonsense Warranty 

  • 50 feet of power cord comes standard (Additional length available)

  • Aluminum Protective Basket

  • Easy Installation & Removal (Plug & Play)

  • Installation Ropes included

  • Operates in as low as 2 feet of water


Technical Specifications:
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